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Next sunday, going to have a family gathering from my husband side. Normally, we would have a gathering during Christmas and Chinese New Year. Last Christmas, there's is no meet up and my sister-in-law suggested for an earlier gathering for CNY as the actual day, they are at overseas.

My husband suggested for me to cook mee siam, I don't like to do the same thing everytime. I told him, I go and do guo tie and see whether is it passable for a presentation next week. Looks like not so bad, but boring to do alone.

Earlier in the afternoon went Giant Tampines to do marketing, and bought the minced pork, I don't really like it, it's was too fine and I can't taste the texture of the meat. It's was not easy from the start when wrapping the dumplings but as I do through midway, I find it to be easier. No doubt the dough was a simple ingredients of flour and water, I like the texture, it's chewy. My hushand comment that I should put in more koo chye.


Passionate About Baking January 25, 2010 at 4:32 AM  

Oh wow! I love guo tie or "gyoza". Can make some and freeze it so that you can give me the next time we meet. Heehee...

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