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S was telling me how good is Goodwood Park snowskin durian mooncake, and I search through web and there are few places of recommendation. Went to Goodwood Park and Marriot Hotel to by durian snowskin just to try. I tried one from Emicakes too.

I was crazy and curious, and beento places to learn and finally had it at Anna Cooking Art taught by Chef Winnie.

Eat hers and I made using her recipe, taste turn out to be different, maybe it's the durian that I have houth that's alter the taste??? Was telling S and discussing and asking, decided to go another round by twitching some ingredients in the recipe, Had it on the texture and taste and decided that this recipe is a keeper. Comfirmed by my 51/2 year old niece who wanted as big as a birthday cake..hee!hee! Have to wait for durian season again.Thank god, now don't have good durians and I am taking a break from this thorn fruit, getting a bit sick.

My friends has been making agar agar mooncake, and has given me some. S gave me chendol red bean agar agar mooncke, another friend, c, gave a box of assorted agar agar mooncake. The other 3 flavours has been eaten only that's is left is lychee agar agar mooncake. It was wonderful of them to share with me. Thank you S & C.

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