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Out of Practise

Bake a Durian Cream Cake today, and I use the frozen durian flesh, in which my friend help me to purchase from one of the fruit stall in Ang Mo Kio, @12 a Kg, not bad and it's worth a buy.

First, I microware the frozen durian flesh, add some gelatine and add some whipped cream. Assemble togher with a sponge cake and covered it chantilly cream. I don't have anything to decorate and I just leave it plain.

Glad that I did it, I am really out of practise on creaming the cake, must tell myself to do it more often or not my skills will get rusty... hope not.... sometimes, I am just lazy.....

It's not what I wanted

Few years ago, I have made this, and my husband has been craving and I ignored him in making. Last few weeks, has been crazy doing flaky skin pastry and decided to do this again.

Haiz! the overall product is not what I expect in taste, what went wrong? I dunno. I have complete trust in the recipe, maybe it's not my day and my hubby is totally disappointed. Will try again.

Practice Till Perfect

Last night, did Cotton Japanese Cheesecake again, the previous time, when during baking, the top of the cake cracked tremendously. My friend taught me to line the tin with paper higher than the baking tin.

And this time round, I lower the temperature of the oven to 150 degrees instead of 160 degrees as stated in the recipe (I use the same recipe). It takes a long time to get brown but towards the end of one hour timing the centre of the cake started to crack, but not like before "huat ah". Why? I can't get the same texture as the others (bloggers). Hope, one day I can get what I want. Any advise?

At least I am satisfied, there's is some improvement in it, but not 100% satisfied. I will try again.

King of Fruits

Years have been craving after one of my buddy's sister-in-law made Durian Fudge Cake during one of our outings and it has been always on my mind, have the thought of doing it every now and then, but doesn't have the will.

Finally, my friend has been talking about durian cake, maybe this is the motion that inspire and decided to do it.

The original recipe called for optima flour for sponge cake, I doesn't want to use this, So I bake a simple sponge chiffon cake with some durian essence added.

Ar first, when I looked into the recipe, it called for 1200ml of coconut milk, I hesitate for a moment and finally, I made up my mind to follow the recipe, in order to know the truth taste and outcome of the recipe. For me the sponge is not important, what I want was the custard itself.

Surprising and by the grace of the lord, the cake turns out beautifully, I have made two 7" sq cake and given one to my parents, they loved it, so is my husband. In no doubt, there's is about 4 coconut milk in one cake, the combination together with durian flesh is just fantastic, and it taste like kaya and creamy. Thanks Meng.

Left some fresh durian, I bake some cream puff. I was using my old recipe, sad to say that I failed the attempt, I throw the whole thing again. In actual fact, for this recipe, when you cooked the dough, you have to beat until is warm, then add in the eggs, for me, I add the eggs, when it is hot..... maybe this is the case of failure. (act smart, but too smart is no good) :)

Dig out the book bought from Taiwan, and I follow the recipe, I was so happy, It works and all puff up

recipe from the book - cream puff (even the custard in the book is good)

50 gm Milk
50 gm Water
50 gm Butter
50 gm Cake Flour
A pinch of Salt
2 Eggs

Boil milk, water and butter together till butter is melted, remove from stove.
Add in the flour and mix well, and at low heat, cooked till dough leave the side of saucepan. Remove from fire,
Add in one egg at one time.
Pipe and bake at 190 - 200 degrees

Hooked On

Really hooked on to Lao Po Bing, after favourable results from my previous batch and as well as my friend encouragement. It really spur me on.

As well on my curious side of me, and I have been surfing internet on Lao Po Bong, most of the recipes have ingredients of winter melon more than Kao Fen, wherelse, my previous batch of Lao Po Bing, have ingredients of Kao Fen more than winter melon.
I have to try in order to have a perfect one.

Someone gave me a BITC recipe and I tried, my husband and I prefer the previous one, but one of my collegues like the pastry, the pastry is good that I agreed. So far, I have tried various types of oil and water dough, use all vegetable oil, one dough oil, one dough shortening and both dough shortening. What I can conclude is that there's is a difference in texture. Talk as if I am a expert.. Nay!!!

cream cheese bread

First time, try Barcook's raisin cream bread, find that it's quite special, whenever, I was around the area, I would patronise the shop.

I,myself would like to do bread, still not a expertise on this, but have improved on my rounding skills, look up recipes and decide to raisin cream cheese bread, and after soaking the raisins, found that I didn't like the taste of the soaked raisins, I use cranberry instead.

I made sure to close the ends of the dough tight after wrapping the cream cheese mixture, but after baking, two of them, the fillings seep out. I have to be more careful the next time , when i decide to do this again.


400 gm Bread Flour
100 gm Cake Flour
100 gm Sugar
20 gm Milk Powder
10 gm Yeast
100 gm Butter
250 gm Water
1 Egg
5 gm Salt
60 gm Dried Cranberry

Put in 2 types of flour into the mixing bowl.
Add in sugar, milk powder, yeast.
Use dough hook and mix the dry ingredients.
Add in egg and water and beat till it becomes dough.
Add in butter and beat till smooth and elastic.
Add in salt and beat for a while.
Add in dried cranberries.
Let it proof till triple in size.
Cut and weight, round up each individual pieces. rest for 10 mins.
Flatten and put in the fillings and wrap tight and let it proof till double in size.
Bake at 190 ~ 200 deg.


250 gm cream cheese
100 gm icing sugar

Beat till soft and creamy, froze the mixture before use.

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