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Most of my friends are doing Hokkaido cupcakes and I said one day, I will try, just never get to that corner. Last saturday, went Phoon Huat to get some stuff and I get a string of Hokkaido cake cases just in case, I will have it, when I need it.

My niece wanted to go facial, my beautician is so nice and she likes the things that I made, so. I came to a conclusion and ended in this, I follow HeartyBakes's Blog recipe.

I made 18 pieces of Hokkaido Cupcakes and I brought some to my brother's house, some to beautician and hairdresser, gave 1 to my part time helper and 1 share with my husband.

Overall verdict, they loved it. Thanks HeartyBakes.

Recipe extract from the blog


(A) 4 Yolks
70g Sugar

(B) 2g Salt
drops of Vanilla Essence

(C) 80ml Milk
60ml Corn oil

(D) 135g Flour
4g Baking powder

(E) 6 Whites
50g Sugar

♥ Preheat oven 180°C
♥ Arrange paper cups on baking tray
♥ Hand whisk (A) till pale in colour.
♥ Add (B)
♥ Follow by (C). Whisk till combined
♥ Sieve in (D). Stir till well-mixed.
♥ Whisk whites till foamy, add sugar. Whisk till medium peak.
♥ Take 1/3 whites fold in with yolk mixture.
♥ follow by folding in the rest of white
♥ scope batter into pre-arranged paper cups about three-quarter filled
♥ baking time est. 20-25mins.

Recipe reference: 不用模型做点心

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