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Missing pandan ..

I have been searching for pandan kaya cake, do not have most of the ingredients, settle for butter cake.

Search internet and decide to use Yochana's recipe and the recipe called for ovalette, I did not use and I use seperate eggs method to do the cake.

Quite like the taste.

Can be bake..

This time round, I baked my spiral yam mooncake instead of frying, it's much more healthier, and easier to handle, the taste is not so bad, but i still prefer deep fry version.

Few days ago, I did some walnut mooncakes and upon recommendation from my friend, I used blue diamond brand  walnut and It's goes very well with the pastry, crunchy and fragant. Now, I like the idea of using this, it's a bit more expensive but the walnuts inside won't be easily be rancid as those sell in packets.

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