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Ages ago, wanted to do this, but never come around. After making fllaky mooncakes, confidence is back + mood + balance Kao Fen, pushed myself to do it.... yay! finally 51 pieces in 3 and a half hrs job.

My husband, family and friends loved itand am glad my effort was not wasted.

festive fever

Yesterday, today I made the last batches of mooncake, sambal flaky mooncake and pandan snowskin.

Made 5 types mooncake this year, traditional baked lotus and red bean mooncake with 2 egg yolks, flaky skin flaky mooncake, flaky sambal mooncake and pandan snow skin mooncake. Wow! maybe it's the fever of everyone that's motivate me to do so, glad I did. I myself don't eat so much of mooncake and I have receive some, took a long time to finish but most of it, I have given away.

My indian neighour has given me a box of mooncake, say that I always give her goodies, I told her that I will made sambal mooncake that I have learn't and in actual fact is for my practice, hee! hee! I made besides giving her, I pass some to my buddies, they like it. When I mentioned sambal mooncake, they have weird feelings about it, I happen to have this feelings too. When there is a workshop for this, I and my friend signed up, I told her, I wanted to taste it just out of curiosity. Surprising, when taste, the combination in taste is just right, a bit spicy, salty and sweet. I hape no regret in attending and in fact that I use same skin recipe to do flaky red bean mooncake, my family likes it. Yay... I am going make this for next year.

Left pandan lotus paste, I made some pandan snowskin mooncake for my daughter's boyfriend and some for my neighbour's children.

Not so Flaky

Have balance red bean paste in the frig, after making a batch of mooncakes last week, I have decided to try my hands on flaky skin mooncake.

Prepare the water and oil dough, using simple steps to roll the skin. Hardly do this and quite poor in wrapping up, it's looks presentable, but the inner dough after baking certain parts looks damp, taste is cooked.

I consider myself not bad to have this stage, my husband loved it and said taste like tau sar piah, bought some to office and to my mum. Hope they liked it.

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