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A friend was telling me chrysanthemim konnyaku jelly was nice, tasted and I quite like it, and decided to make some. I have not made any konnyaku jelly before.

We have been drinking chrysanthemim tea all along, whether it's at the restaurant or at home and the flowers is suppose to have some medicinal properties and is good for our body especially when it's a hot day. It's a good way of making into small little jellies, especially when you open the frig, on and off, there's goes one into your mouth....


16 gm Konnyaku Powder } Mix together
50 gm of Sugar }

50 gms Chrysanthemun Flowers } Boil water and one water boil put in the flowers
1500 litres of water } and let it boil for awile and let it infuse

150 gm rock sugar

Take 950ml boiled chrysanthemum water and boil together with rock sugar.
Once boil, add in Konnyaku powder + sugar in.
Stir and one boil, remove from fire
Pour into moulds and frig

If you want, you can add in some wolfberries or the flower in the mould for decoration

Smile... is what I want

It's me happy to see you smile, but I got many types of smile from you 密密笑,委笑, 一痕 笑........, never the less, one day I will make you smile wider and the way I like it. I should consider that it's a half success. I quite like the taste which do not have the ammonia smell when cooked.

I have used 3 days dough proofing and the recipe can be found from Prima to made the skin and today the skin is not cotton fluffy that I have taste before. From what I heard that this smiling pau need high pressure stove (mei hua lu) to make the pau smile. Knowing that my gas stove fire is not strong enough, I use induction cooker to steam and this is what I get.

Anyway, I will try again, next time will try knead the dough longer and remember to top up the level of water in the pot. I have check and the level of water is very low. according to my home expert, he say must have more water to push the pressure.... theory??? I may have problem in pleating also????

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