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It's me happy to see you smile, but I got many types of smile from you 密密笑,委笑, 一痕 笑........, never the less, one day I will make you smile wider and the way I like it. I should consider that it's a half success. I quite like the taste which do not have the ammonia smell when cooked.

I have used 3 days dough proofing and the recipe can be found from Prima to made the skin and today the skin is not cotton fluffy that I have taste before. From what I heard that this smiling pau need high pressure stove (mei hua lu) to make the pau smile. Knowing that my gas stove fire is not strong enough, I use induction cooker to steam and this is what I get.

Anyway, I will try again, next time will try knead the dough longer and remember to top up the level of water in the pot. I have check and the level of water is very low. according to my home expert, he say must have more water to push the pressure.... theory??? I may have problem in pleating also????


Passionate About Baking October 4, 2010 at 5:02 AM  

Wow Doris, you really have the patience to do the 3-days dough smiley pao! It looks very good to me leh! How many did you make? All distributed liao? Did you give S? What did she say? :p

myworldlykitchen October 4, 2010 at 6:58 PM  

I did not give to S, but I tempt her..

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