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Still in the mood of celebrating Chinese New Year, decided to bake a butter cake using a sunflower bundt pan which I have bought from Phoon Huat last year which was not in use. Since it is still festive, decided to use mandarin orange as the theme. I use the orange segments from a can and soaked in orange liquor for awhile.

I was tempted by the aroma whisk out from the process of the baking. Was not satisfied with the outlook of the baked cake, I don't have a even colour.. must do research...... but I like the taste of the cake, tangy, sour, sweet and buttery.. yum.. yum...


Seeing my friend, Sharon and upon hearing that she always made steamed radish cake (law pak ko) and have favourable feedbacks, must be good, curious and never made it before, I give it a try.
Following her guidelines and recipe from Do What I Like's blog, and manage to did one on saturday night.
Before I made this, I surf the website and there's various way of making it and I choose the easiest method and made a slight alteration to the original recipe. I have put in some "tung mien fen" in the flour mixture.

The next day, I slice it and pan fried on a non-stick pan without oil, tasted and it was yummy and the recipe was a keeper. Let Sharon try in the afternoon, she said it's the same as hers. I have passed. Thanks Sharon & Thanks Florence :)

Holely Marble

Have a busy preparation for CNY and on the eve I baked 3 fruitcakes, one marble cake and 2 prune cranberry butter cake and all was given away. And I was exhausted to do any cake and start preparing for a meal for a gathering on the second day of CNY. Too busy to take pictures for my blog.

Try again to bake a marble cake and for a very long time did not bake this, until my cousin requested for it. I was envy on Yochana's marble cake that has a very neat and even swirl, I guess it must be the technique of putting in the batter. This time round my marbling was so much better than the last time which have blotch of patches.

I have a holely marble cake today, gusss I didn't bang the tray to release the air. When there's is a imperfection in the things that you do, maybe you can tell the character of the person, "ran ran lai" or impatient.....


Yesterday went to a family gathering, and they requested for mee siam and they commented that it taste better than last year. I dunno know because when each time, I prepare the same dish, I will use a slightly different method in frying. I don't have a specify recipe, I just estimate but I like to put in alot of small and big onions in my chilli paste. Glad they like it.

At the same time, I bake a surprise cake for them. this time, I baked and assemble y Black Forest Cake in a square form. It's a practice for me and in a hurry to bake the cake, I forget to put in the butter, luckily the cake still rise and taste okay.

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