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Still in the mood of celebrating Chinese New Year, decided to bake a butter cake using a sunflower bundt pan which I have bought from Phoon Huat last year which was not in use. Since it is still festive, decided to use mandarin orange as the theme. I use the orange segments from a can and soaked in orange liquor for awhile.

I was tempted by the aroma whisk out from the process of the baking. Was not satisfied with the outlook of the baked cake, I don't have a even colour.. must do research...... but I like the taste of the cake, tangy, sour, sweet and buttery.. yum.. yum...


Passionate About Baking February 22, 2010 at 10:25 PM  

Ooh, I like your sunflower bundt pan! Looks very pretty, and the designs are quite distinct. The way you describe the cake taste, sounds like something I will like too! Care to let me know where you got the recipe from? :p Thanks!

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