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Have a busy preparation for CNY and on the eve I baked 3 fruitcakes, one marble cake and 2 prune cranberry butter cake and all was given away. And I was exhausted to do any cake and start preparing for a meal for a gathering on the second day of CNY. Too busy to take pictures for my blog.

Try again to bake a marble cake and for a very long time did not bake this, until my cousin requested for it. I was envy on Yochana's marble cake that has a very neat and even swirl, I guess it must be the technique of putting in the batter. This time round my marbling was so much better than the last time which have blotch of patches.

I have a holely marble cake today, gusss I didn't bang the tray to release the air. When there's is a imperfection in the things that you do, maybe you can tell the character of the person, "ran ran lai" or impatient.....


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