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Seeing my friend, Sharon and upon hearing that she always made steamed radish cake (law pak ko) and have favourable feedbacks, must be good, curious and never made it before, I give it a try.
Following her guidelines and recipe from Do What I Like's blog, and manage to did one on saturday night.
Before I made this, I surf the website and there's various way of making it and I choose the easiest method and made a slight alteration to the original recipe. I have put in some "tung mien fen" in the flour mixture.

The next day, I slice it and pan fried on a non-stick pan without oil, tasted and it was yummy and the recipe was a keeper. Let Sharon try in the afternoon, she said it's the same as hers. I have passed. Thanks Sharon & Thanks Florence :)


Passionate About Baking February 22, 2010 at 10:24 PM  

Wow Doris! Your radish cake sure looks very very good. Really look like those selling in the chinese restaurant with tim sum you know! I must try... Thanks for sharing!

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