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Chicken Curry Laksa

I went for Chef Keong's workshop on Fook Hai Chicken Curry Laksa, and I tried the recipe yesterday despite of hubby discouraging me because I wanted to try the full recipe instead of half... he was not happy... what the heck, I don't care, it's my choice.......

I started from boiling the whole chicken to the curry gravy, boy, it's a big pot and I have to find a rescuer so that I won't waste too much food. I was lucky, my rescuer is willing to try my food. and I should say that it's was a success and it's worth it to attend the workshop, even after so much grumping from hubby, he did say "thank you" and he said that it tasted better than the day I bought home for tasting. :)

Dumplings 2

Feel like eating Nonya Dumplongs, one of my favourite, can't request my mum to make, so I tried make myself.

This morning, went to market, went to the pork seller and asked him for nonya dumplings , do I use belly pork or lean meat (wu hua rou), he said belly pork is oily, the latter is better and he wanted to minced for me. I said no, I like diced.
Nonya dumplong using minced meat, first time I came across.

Today, just use 2kg of rice and I get about 37 pieces and by 6pm, my dumplings is ready for delivery.


I wanted to cook chilli crabs for dinner, and after work today, I went to Tekka market to buy some crabs. Walk around and found only one store selling, I thought there is a few store there.

I point my fingers into a basket of crabs and asked the seller where is this crab from, she refused to answer me and asked my which type of crab I want. My hubby don't really like the seller attitude... well! I have no choice, have to buy, only store there.

Back home, I made some bread to go with the chilli crabs. Four of us loved it, it was just a little bit sweet. Must reduce sugar the next time.

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