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Bak Kwa is almost everybody's favourite, and that day my friend, Sharon wanted to learn Bak Kwa, and so happen JC Cooking has a class, I follow her. No regrets in following, especially when the chef teach us how to make chicken floss, we like it

Today decide to try the recipe of Bak Kwa, but I added one more ingredients after surfing internet to make the taste better. I try to pan fry, grill, half pan fry & grill just to get the texture I want. For the workshop attended is that when I sample try the bak kwa, it taste like "lap cheong", but the techniques of making is there. After adding the ingredients, I found that the taste is better and is not far from the taste that sells outside... yay... For this recipe is meant to BBQ. Think this is the last time, I do, unless there's a BBQ party...

Remember a time, few days before CNY, I went to queue at Lim Chee Guan for more than 10 hrs to buy Bak Kwa for the Company's client. Chez... should teach the Company's client to make hor... then not to queue..

Those blogger who wants to try, below are the few links, the ingredients are almost there, can do a reference .......

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