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This week, I am very industrious on baking, baked 2 sugee cake, 1 cotton cheese cake and last night, mei cai mooncake. Sometimes, when you have the mood, I will bake or not or not, I just sit in front of TV or just because I feel bored, especially, my favourite Tv program has ended, just find something to do... hmmmm......

I was being recommended to buy preserved mei cai from HK called "mei cai wang", I have a recipe for mei cai mooncake and decide to try it out. After tasting the finished products, I like the overall taste of this mooncake.

This morning, pass some mei cai mooncake to some of my hubby's hobby friends and they thought this is lao Por Bingm it's not but appearance looks like it, maybe it's the brushing of egg wash and the sprinkle of the sesame seeds.... Yummy...

Puff Puff Away......

Four years ago, I did this, and I did it again upon request of my neighbour who asked me to teach her, I prepare the ingredients and I did not inform her before hand, I tried it first in the morning, just in case it's a failure, turns out to be okay, but not so perfect and I am ready... Sad to say, she was busy and said some other day :(

Give mum 10 pieces of curry puff and she liked it, asked me how to do, told her and I told her, if she wanted to eat, maybe 4 years later.... hee! hee!


A friend has given me a can of sugee flour, and recently has expired, and hearing that they say that the expiry date is a guideline and can be used, not to waste it, I bake sugee cake last night.

This morning, I tried the cake and still surviving, that's means the sugi flour is still okay... :)

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