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Lost memories

Was digging my pictures and came across this curry puff in which I did last year. It brings out memories which is my family favorites. From one simple pastry skin, I did a small chicken pie with quail egg filling inside for a christmas party. At that time, I didn't even be bother to take pictures on it only this because it's my first pastry and it's turn's out beautifully and am proud of my success.

For a whole year, I didn't do any pastry and not much of baking because I am busy storing my data. Now memory data is almost full, nothing to do, that's why I create this blog and play with and it's is a time for me to practice and improve on my skills on what I have learnt. It's a thing to keep me moving on and be active in my own ways and add colour to my life.

Happy New Year to everyone, if you see this.

Trying Out

Trying out a recipe on Tiramisu on Christmas Eve, and it was not well done. I should give myself a 60% success on this, We quite like the mascarpone mousse which is not so heavy in taste, my daughter like the coffee taste which I use expresso coffee ground powder to make coffee and I add some kahlua liquor, but the coffee was too strong that it overide the taste of kahlua liquor which I have added in.

Another mistake is that I have brush too much coffee syrup into the sponge cake until it was very vet and can be flow out of the sponge. cheez... nevermind at least, I am aware of the problem and should be more careful in future. Practice makes perfect. It should be better in the 2nd attempt. (encouraging myself..hee!hee!)

Today, seeing I have some griottines left, knowing that I used this on black forest cake and it should go well with chocolate mousse, I browse through my recipes and books and decided what to do. This cake was assemble with a few recipes and I don't even know how to name this cake. Should call this my special.

I have use coconut meringue base for the cake, topped with chocolate mousse and put in some griottines, topped with sacher sponge and mousse and finally chocolate glaze. Hubby tasted and said that coconut meringue in the middle shoud taste better, while Daniel says he like the combination of the taste. Given a piece to my buddy and both she and her daughter loved it. Again it's personal preferences in taste. Personally, I feel the griottines liquor taste is too tart,the rest is ok, next time, I try other things.

Mom's favourite

Before Chinese New Year, my mom will pester me every year to bake fruitcake and nothing else, her favourite. Bake 2 fruit cakes today and deliver to her, couldn't wait to keep the next day or so, she cut out the cake immediately, I presume tomorrow will be all gone. Have this recipe from Her world magazine, very long time ago and I did some modifications. Have been doing the same recipe but each year, there's always something some changes in making the cake and she couldn't tell the difference, I think she like the sweetness of the dried fruits and the taste of brandy.

overipe bananas

Hubby bought some bananas in the afternoon, by evening, bananas are getting over ripe, not to waste it, decide to do banana chiffon cake. I like chiffon cakes, not too heavy and can be a light snack and easily digest. Did not have corn oil, I used butter to substitute and never before have I use butter to bake chiffon and this is my first time. Oh Boy! glad that the cake was baked well.
Seeing too may methods of beating egg white meringue and I always try to apply the new techniques in baking my sponge cakes and the results... :(.. fail,collapse or sunk in the middle.
This time round, go back to the basics and I have learnt that in whatever method you learnt doesn't apply to all cakes. Have to infused the theory into my brain.


This afternoon, nothing to do, went to signup a cupcake class with Puja from Paisley & Cream. Learn 3 types of cupcakes from her, vanilla, peanut butter and truffle chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Hmmmm... fully hands on..... today I have learnt alot of tips from her, hope that I can absorb the teachings from her and do different creations.
The cupcakes are very pretty and the buttercream are light, I love all the taste of the 3 flavors. I am really hooked on attending workshop and am crazy.... (think my husband will be glad when the day, I said I am not attending anymore... )
I don't care, I am doing the things that I like and my motto enjoy your life and move forward.. cheong ah!!!

thanks to a friend

Most of the time, from my understanding is that mousse is normally comprises of whipped cream and fruit puree. A good friend of mine was telling me that fruit mousse mixing in with italian meringue is nice too. Give it a try and happen to have raspberry puree and frozen mix berries, I mixed it in all together to assemble a cake.
The colour is very appealing and tempted, can't wait for it to set, cut a piece, take photos and in into my stomach...hmmmm...yummy.... Hubby tried and commented taste like mashmallow. I too agreed with him.
Days will get better in baking and I have all the encouragement from friends whether it's good or bad baking.. I would like to say a big "thank you" to all my friends for all their advice and a listening ear to me :)

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