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Trying out a recipe on Tiramisu on Christmas Eve, and it was not well done. I should give myself a 60% success on this, We quite like the mascarpone mousse which is not so heavy in taste, my daughter like the coffee taste which I use expresso coffee ground powder to make coffee and I add some kahlua liquor, but the coffee was too strong that it overide the taste of kahlua liquor which I have added in.

Another mistake is that I have brush too much coffee syrup into the sponge cake until it was very vet and can be flow out of the sponge. cheez... nevermind at least, I am aware of the problem and should be more careful in future. Practice makes perfect. It should be better in the 2nd attempt. (encouraging myself..hee!hee!)

Today, seeing I have some griottines left, knowing that I used this on black forest cake and it should go well with chocolate mousse, I browse through my recipes and books and decided what to do. This cake was assemble with a few recipes and I don't even know how to name this cake. Should call this my special.

I have use coconut meringue base for the cake, topped with chocolate mousse and put in some griottines, topped with sacher sponge and mousse and finally chocolate glaze. Hubby tasted and said that coconut meringue in the middle shoud taste better, while Daniel says he like the combination of the taste. Given a piece to my buddy and both she and her daughter loved it. Again it's personal preferences in taste. Personally, I feel the griottines liquor taste is too tart,the rest is ok, next time, I try other things.


Passionate About Baking December 27, 2009 at 4:31 AM  

What do you call the chocolate cake? It sure looks damned good! I love your griottines. Thanks for sharing! :)

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