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Was digging my pictures and came across this curry puff in which I did last year. It brings out memories which is my family favorites. From one simple pastry skin, I did a small chicken pie with quail egg filling inside for a christmas party. At that time, I didn't even be bother to take pictures on it only this because it's my first pastry and it's turn's out beautifully and am proud of my success.

For a whole year, I didn't do any pastry and not much of baking because I am busy storing my data. Now memory data is almost full, nothing to do, that's why I create this blog and play with and it's is a time for me to practice and improve on my skills on what I have learnt. It's a thing to keep me moving on and be active in my own ways and add colour to my life.

Happy New Year to everyone, if you see this.


Passionate About Baking January 2, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

Wow Doris, your curry puff definitely looked beautiful! Wonder if you can do a curry puff so well, you still went to take pastry workshop...
Happy New Year too! Hope to see more of your bakings posted.

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