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Yesterday, today I made the last batches of mooncake, sambal flaky mooncake and pandan snowskin.

Made 5 types mooncake this year, traditional baked lotus and red bean mooncake with 2 egg yolks, flaky skin flaky mooncake, flaky sambal mooncake and pandan snow skin mooncake. Wow! maybe it's the fever of everyone that's motivate me to do so, glad I did. I myself don't eat so much of mooncake and I have receive some, took a long time to finish but most of it, I have given away.

My indian neighour has given me a box of mooncake, say that I always give her goodies, I told her that I will made sambal mooncake that I have learn't and in actual fact is for my practice, hee! hee! I made besides giving her, I pass some to my buddies, they like it. When I mentioned sambal mooncake, they have weird feelings about it, I happen to have this feelings too. When there is a workshop for this, I and my friend signed up, I told her, I wanted to taste it just out of curiosity. Surprising, when taste, the combination in taste is just right, a bit spicy, salty and sweet. I hape no regret in attending and in fact that I use same skin recipe to do flaky red bean mooncake, my family likes it. Yay... I am going make this for next year.

Left pandan lotus paste, I made some pandan snowskin mooncake for my daughter's boyfriend and some for my neighbour's children.


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