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This time round, I baked my spiral yam mooncake instead of frying, it's much more healthier, and easier to handle, the taste is not so bad, but i still prefer deep fry version.

Few days ago, I did some walnut mooncakes and upon recommendation from my friend, I used blue diamond brand  walnut and It's goes very well with the pastry, crunchy and fragant. Now, I like the idea of using this, it's a bit more expensive but the walnuts inside won't be easily be rancid as those sell in packets.


Passionate About Baking September 7, 2013 at 8:15 PM  

Looks nice Doris. I like the walnut mooncakes. This year I won't be making any. Can't find time to make them, though I would really like to make flaky yam mooncakes.

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