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Really hooked on to Lao Po Bing, after favourable results from my previous batch and as well as my friend encouragement. It really spur me on.

As well on my curious side of me, and I have been surfing internet on Lao Po Bong, most of the recipes have ingredients of winter melon more than Kao Fen, wherelse, my previous batch of Lao Po Bing, have ingredients of Kao Fen more than winter melon.
I have to try in order to have a perfect one.

Someone gave me a BITC recipe and I tried, my husband and I prefer the previous one, but one of my collegues like the pastry, the pastry is good that I agreed. So far, I have tried various types of oil and water dough, use all vegetable oil, one dough oil, one dough shortening and both dough shortening. What I can conclude is that there's is a difference in texture. Talk as if I am a expert.. Nay!!!


Jennifer October 14, 2011 at 1:47 AM  


Your LPB is pretty very well done.

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