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cream cheese bread

First time, try Barcook's raisin cream bread, find that it's quite special, whenever, I was around the area, I would patronise the shop.

I,myself would like to do bread, still not a expertise on this, but have improved on my rounding skills, look up recipes and decide to raisin cream cheese bread, and after soaking the raisins, found that I didn't like the taste of the soaked raisins, I use cranberry instead.

I made sure to close the ends of the dough tight after wrapping the cream cheese mixture, but after baking, two of them, the fillings seep out. I have to be more careful the next time , when i decide to do this again.


400 gm Bread Flour
100 gm Cake Flour
100 gm Sugar
20 gm Milk Powder
10 gm Yeast
100 gm Butter
250 gm Water
1 Egg
5 gm Salt
60 gm Dried Cranberry

Put in 2 types of flour into the mixing bowl.
Add in sugar, milk powder, yeast.
Use dough hook and mix the dry ingredients.
Add in egg and water and beat till it becomes dough.
Add in butter and beat till smooth and elastic.
Add in salt and beat for a while.
Add in dried cranberries.
Let it proof till triple in size.
Cut and weight, round up each individual pieces. rest for 10 mins.
Flatten and put in the fillings and wrap tight and let it proof till double in size.
Bake at 190 ~ 200 deg.


250 gm cream cheese
100 gm icing sugar

Beat till soft and creamy, froze the mixture before use.


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