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Last few days, have been trying to do macarons, result fail.. no feet.. reason... didn't wait for the skin to dry.... impatient....

Talk to my buddy, she say she has confidence in me (really look me up), encouraged me to try again... surf the website and saw a recipe from here, the recipe says you don't even need aged egg white and can even do on raining days... yay! it's a bonus if it works.

I pipe the macaron and there's a tip, I knock the tray and still there's the tip, can't be bothered, I just want to see whether the recipe works for me. After finish piping, left it on the table with my ceiling fan on to let it dry, half an hour later, it's was still damp to my touch, from learn't from my previous lessons, on the aircon, "ta ta" 15 mins later, the skin is formed. In to the oven.

Well, at least I have some result, the next time, I will do a neat job on this...


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