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All along, I loved my mum's Bak Changs, both hokkien and nonya. I pester her to made, she said no. After a few days, she called me to collect the rice dumplings, I was so happy. After, tasting both types of dumplings, I was disappointed, because, this is not her usual style of making the rice dumplings. She has added red bean paste in both type of her dumplings, both my brothers did not like this batch also.

I have decided to give a hand in making this, I have always loved my beautician's Bak Chang , and I asked her how to do. For her, she used estimation, cook and try and not enough, add... and this is what I do...

Days before, I soaked and washed the bamboo leaves and keep in the freezer as taught by the community centre PA instructress, where I learnt how to wrap and made the dumplings, I did not follow her recipe but my friend's.

Two days before, I soaked the dry chestnuts for a while, took some toothpicks to remove the membranes that stick onto the nut, and I got blister on my thumb.. poor me.. teach me never help my mum to do housework, now have to suffer with cuts and plus blisters... :(

Total I made 84 pieces of rice dumplings, all by myself, quite tedious for my maiden try... Thank God! my efforts is not wasted, family and friends loved it, even though, it missed a little Oomph..... I have jotted down notes and for my next try, it's going to have that Oomph.. hope so....


Anonymous June 6, 2011 at 9:33 PM  

Your Bak Chang look yummy.
No pain no gain.

I have more serious burn than your.
Luckly, for me I have standby Minyak Gamat oil from Langkawi. This wonderful oil reduce burn reduce 10% pain and heal cut very fast.
And it only $2~3
William Wee

Doris June 13, 2011 at 7:38 PM  

Thanks William :)

Passionate About Baking June 14, 2011 at 2:11 AM  

Woah! I love bak changs! Aiyo, should have asked you to freeze some for me. I also loved my mum's bak chang, but she never make them ever since my maternal grandma passed away. Next time you make again, don't forget to (sell) to me! More than willing to pay to taste yours! :)

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