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I have been wanted to do madelines for quite some time, I just like the look of it. That day, I help my friend to buy silpat mats and I myself went to buy a flexipan medeline mat just to support my urge of making this and this mat is not cheap. Glad that I did that, seeing my husband enjoy the cooked madelines one by one.

I did follow this blogger's exact recipe and I just put the finish beaten dough in the fridge for just an hour, I do not have a dome and crack like hers, maybe next time, I put in longer and see whether is there a difference in results.

A friend has given me 2 blocks of butter from Italy and each weight 500g and the shelf life is very short. expire in March and am was thinking of what to do. Recking my mind, butter cakes or anything cakes to do with butter, think will do another few batch of this, I myself quite like the taste,

2 eggs
60g castor sugar
20ml maple syrup (can be replaced by honey)
80g cake flour }
3g baking powder}
20g ground almond
100g unsalted butter (melted)
½ tsp lemon zest

1) Beat eggs and sugar till sugar dissolved (need not beat till fluffy).
2) Add maple syrup, mix well and add lemon zest.
3) Sieve in flour mixture and ground almond, mix till just incorporated.
4) Add in melted butter gradually and mix well. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for overnight or at least one hour.
5) Grease and flour Madeleine mould, fill with batter till 80% full.
6) Bake in preheated oven at 170C for about 12-15 mins, upper rack


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