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Pasta Day

All along, I am more interested in baking but not so much in cooking but I like to eat all kinds of food. I loved pasta and my husband recently acquire the taste to eating pasta especially aglio aglio and those on creamy sauce but not so much on tomato base, he encouraged me to learn.

Last thursday, went to Sia Huat at Mosque Street to purchase a pasta machine, luckily, there's still left one for me. Can't wait to try out...

Yesterday, went to attend a demo pasta workshop at Garibaldi Restaurant at Purvis Street. They demo 4 types of pasta and a coffee biscuits. Although, I did not taste the food but the food demostrated is exact look from the restaurant.

I choose this recipe to do because of chocolate, normally we use chocolate powder for baking but on pasta??? Alot of doubts, right, I was speaking to my friend about this, she said "nice meh!". I was very curious about this too, especially the combination. Have to try.

After tasting the chocolate pasta with cream sauce, actually it's was quite nice and you can even taste the chocolate after eating the pasta, I loved it. Will do again for my nieces.

Since, I have the mood to doing pasta, I tried to do like "mee pok", it's was not easy because of today's weather, very humid, have to use alot of flour to dust the dough or not it will stick.. Hai!! chocolate pasta is so much easier and drier.

I cook meat ragout for the pasta and I quite satisfied in what I did today.


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