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Yesterday, made some cream puffs with the intention of bring over to dinner for my nieces, couldn't chilled he puffs because there's is some problem with my fridge, what a day, I passed it to my neighbour to be eaten.

I even have to take some ice from my neighbour to whip the cream.

This recipe was given by my friend, D, to test it out. Hers is suppose to be crispy, but I didn't let it try in the oven because I have a second batch to bake. I feel that my oven's temperature is not even, when baking for 10 mins, one corner of the tray, the puffs are starting to brown, open the oven and rotate. Saw the puff starting to deflate, there goesw my heart sinking, luckily a few minutes, the puffs started to rise again..yay.... I was happy, not an effort wasted.

I use a long nose nozzle to pipe the custard inside the puff from underneath.

Thanks D for the recipe.


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