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Went NTUC supermarket, saw that they are selling honey sweet potato from indonesia, just have to try and have been keen on baking sweet potato chiffon as well.. at least I am trying to kill 2 birds at one stone and here I am and did it.

When the chiffon is baking, the room was filled with sweet potato fragance and I loved it. I baked using the same chiffon book recipe and the book is really good, it's just too bad is out of publication and on the internet you only can get partial recipe of the book.

My collegue tasted the chiffon and she say it's was fragant and soft and y brother was saying that he was my guinea pig... ha! ha!...


Anonymous April 26, 2013 at 7:16 PM  


would like to know where exactly is the bakery mart for the 1kg pandan paste for your pandan chiffon cake. Thanks so much!

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