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It's my first time hearing "zhuang nai" and my friend said it's something like steam milk custard. One is cooked and let it set and the other steamed. She did one for me to try and I loved it and this is a typical cantonese dessert. Marvellously, this simple dessert only need 3 things - milk , sugar and ginger and yet taste as soft as beancurd(tau huay)... ginger milk custard is one of my favorite and I used to buy from HK dessert stall.

Found this on website, I myself haven't try this.

Milk Custard With Ginger Juice
What you need

200 ml Fresh milk
10 ml ginger juice
25 grams sugar

What you do

1) Boil Milk in the pot. Add sugar and let set for two minutes.
2) Pour milk in bowl with ginger juice.
3) Leave till set.
4) Serve Warm

Made frozen berries cupcakes today with raspberry buttercream. Sometimes I wonder what is the difference in muffins and cupcakes. Could it be the mini cakes with frosting on top is cupcake, and same cake no frosting is muffin. Very confusing hor.
Who cares, as long as it taste good. Daughter likes it, so do I.

My stupid theory, put in muffin cups and bake and I say this is a muffin, put a decoration on top, say this is a cupcake, it still will be a pass. I still think muffins are heavy in texture. Well this is going to be a debating end... haiz....

Went with Jane to learn on this passionfruit cake, put in practice and actually it was quite tedious in doing, a lot of steps. Despite with lots of hiccups along the way, still manage to assemble the whole cake. When practice alone,there's a lot of learning. ka-ran-ka-bo. I keep looking at the complete cake and realise something is missing, came to realise, I forgot to sprinkle some snow powder on top of meringue stick... haiz--
getting old... lost of memory... part and parcel of old age... Quite satisfied with the outcome of the whole cake. :)


Passionate About Baking January 10, 2010 at 10:35 PM  

Wow Doris! You're faster than me again! Hahaha...I said I will do it since I have the passionfruit puree, but you've done it first! Very beautiful. It's exactly the same as what our instructor taught us! Well done! I'm sure it taste as good! I love this cake though. Pass some to me this Sunday! ;)

Anonymous January 18, 2010 at 7:06 AM  

Your cake looks like store bought.... Do you take order???

Doris January 20, 2010 at 4:45 PM  

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment. At the moment, I am doing this for passion and learning. I only do for special friends at the moment.

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