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My friend has been talking about putting almond and sugar on top of cream puff and she said very nice.

Curious back home, took out my books and do some reference and decided to do the recipe from Okashi book. It's looks simple and decide to give it a try. Don't know what is pastry flour, decide to use cake flour and so glad that it's workable.

Remember when the first time when I learn how to bake cream puff, is that after cooking the dough, have to use the mixer to beat till the cooked dough is slightly warm or cold before adding the eggs, but this recipe you don't have to and was so much easier.

After piping the dough, I give a spray of water and sprinkle chopped almonds and sugar, it's works, stick we4ll.

Was satisfied with the result and overall the taste is nice. I prefer to mix more custard ande less whipping cream.. next time, I will try some other flavours, now I was thinking about taiwanese polo puff


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