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After flicking my old jotter book which is over 20 years old, came across my auntie recipe on pandan chiffon cake, which I have written down. I remember that I have loved her chiffon.

One thing is that, at that time, when I wrote the recipe, I was not keen in baking, just out of curiosity and the notes jotted are not proper. 50 cents coconut in some 20 years back and now 50 cents coconut are different. Headache!!! :( how much to use, cake flour is what flour during that time.. chez.. called my auntie, said she long time never bake and forgot most of the things....

Anyway, I tried the recipe, and this is how it's turn out, don't mind about
the tears on the chiffon, I was using different knifes to remove. For this chiffon, I got a lot of holes "compression" on the side and internally there's is big gaps, don't know what happen, don't know whether it's the way, I pour in the batter.

The outcome, feedback that the chiffon is very soft, got pandan smell but got no pandan taste, can taste the coconut. Will try again, and this time, I am going to put in some pandan essence.


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