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Bake a black forest cake today and was experimenting with the whipped cream and was having problem. Bought 2 types of whipping cream, less fat & more fat, mixed both cream on a 50% basis and I can't get the correct constituency of the whipped cream, not to waste it, use it to cream the cake and put into the freezer.. ha! ha!
by force to harden the cream.
Give it to my buddy, luckily her family likes it, despite of the looks on the cake.
My husband always said " kiang de hor mai kei kan" a lesson to be learnt.
For me, venture then you will know, I like to try out things...


Passionate About Baking November 8, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

Seriously, I really would like to try a piece. It's so nicely layered and made!

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