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My baking buddy, Jane from Passionbaker has tickle my "waffles" bug and am itchy to do it. Did once a few years ago and keep the waffle machine until now, think could be more than 3 years already... hmmm that long, could be absolute model now. That time, I was crazy and bought this at Tang's Department Store for the price of $99.00, I think I am crazy about a lot of things, most of my equipment are white elephant and I have given a lot away. Impulse buying....

Went to dig out and hoping that the machine power won't trip, test it first and seems to be working fine. Actually, this machine has two types of plate, one is a waffle and the other is a sandwich plate. Open the box, seems that the sandwich plate is missing.. haiz.. hope it's somewhere.

Follow Jane's recipe and did the waffle,turns out to be okay and fluffy, the next try will do a pandan waffle, my favourite, Thanks Jane, for helping machine to be alive again.. ha! ha!


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