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This morning, went to Circuit Road market to have breakfast and after that, went into the market to see what I can get to cook for lunch or dinner. I saw crabs selling on one of the stall, feel like buying but on hesitations because normally if you buy crabs from neighbourhood market, seldomly you can get good ones, unless you are very lucky. I bought 3 crabs with a total weight of 1.3kg and decide to cook Rice Vernicilli Crabs (Tang Hoon Crab)

I went to the provision stall to buy garlic, ginger and tanghoon and was talking to her and she wanted to see whether my crabs are fresh. I open my plastic bags and she put in her hand and one of the crab suddenly pinch her with the pincer and she immediately withdrew her hand together with the crab out of the plastic bag. She shook her hand and the crab wasvflung to the other corner of the market and the people, who saw. found it amusing.... We had a good laugh but luckily it was a small cut and the crab broke one of it's pincer.

Once reached home, I immediately killed the crabs and use claypoot to cook the crabs with the tanghoon. Both of us loved it and what out of my expectation, it's true, the crabs are not really good. Nevermind, the most important is taste.


benghee July 30, 2012 at 8:08 AM  

Looks good and yummy, good crabs must buy early, good ones usually chosen by early birds when stocks arrive, sheng shiong may have more stocks.

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