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Went to Kallang for breakfast and after that pass by Kitchen Capers and saw they have low sugar pineapple paste, according to the seller, it's a very saleleble items and receive quite a numerous good feedback about it.  Went ahead and bought 6 packets.

Decide to try out the taste of the newly bought paste and I follow the recipe from Indonchinekitchen's blog to do the pastry in which I did last year and receive good feedbacks.

I just bought the yuan bao plastic mould and I used it to do the shape of the tarts.  When I was doing it, I was looking at it and wondering whether it is yuan bao or abalone... hee! hee!

Went distribution to my siblings and friend and they say is good, it just that one of my brother say got no butter taste.  I will give him the cheap butter next time... just kidding....

Recipe extract :-

Pineapple Tarts, Nastar

Yield 700 g cookies


For pineapple jam
2 kg pineapple, roughly 4 medium sized pineapples
600 g sugar
3 cloves
5 cm cinnamon stick

For cookies
200 g butter
50 g confectioners' sugar
40 g powdered milk
280 g flour, low gluten or all purpose
20 g cornflour
2 egg yolks

For egg wash
3 egg yolks
1/4 tsp condensed milk


For pineapple jam

Puree pineapple in an electric blender till smooth.
Combine puree with sugar, cloves and cinnamon stick in a pot. Cook over low heat for 3-4 hours, stirring continually.
When it thickens and can be piped or rolled, remove from heat.
The jam will thicken during cooling. Prepare this one day in advance. You will end up with 500-600 g pineapple jam, enough for one batch.

For cookies

Preheat oven to 150 degree Celsius
Sift flour, powdered milk and corn flour twice.
In a mixer bowl, combine butter and sugar. Cream till light and fluffy, about 4-5 minutes, over high speed.
Add egg yolk, one at a time. Beating well.
Add flour mixture into the bowl and beat over low speed using paddle attachment. Do this for 4-5 minutes, until everything is mixed well.
Work with 50 g of dough one at a time. Roll dough between plastic sheet to 0.2 cm thickness.
Pipe pineapple jam on top of the dough. Roll the dough to cover up the jam completely.
Use a pair of scissors to cut them up into 4cm log and arrange on greased pan.
Brush with egg wash mixture twice using small pastry brush.
Bake in preheated oven till golden, 15-20 minutes.
Let cool and store in airtight container.

No fun...

My mom n hubby hand in hand complain that I don't do the things they like to eat, especially nine layer kueh.

Decide  to do today, recipe called for 9 inch but my steamer only accomodate 8 inch tin, decide to go ahead, planning to have some wastage, luckily no wastage but the layers are high.

Did not regret doing, it's a wonderful recipe.  

Extract from With love, from the LITTLE NYONYA by Baba Philip Chia

600g fine sugar
1 litre coconut milk
1 litre Water
1 tsp fine sea-salt
Few pieces of pandan leave
350g rice flour
350g tapioca flour

Mix sugar, coconut milk, water, salt, pandan leaves and bring to boil at low heat till sugar dissolved. Discard pandan leaves, turn off flame and allow to cool slightly

In a large mixing bowl, mix the rice flour and tapioca flour. Then add the covonut milk mixture, whisk slightly till well blended.

Divide batter into 9 portions (I divide into 3). Ready to steam layer by layer, by adding in desired colour into each layer such as white, green, yellow, pink, blue and the final top layer is red.

Note: can be steamed in a11" x 11" cake tin (abt 45 pcs)


A gift

Sharon has given me a packet of bitter 60 percent chocolate chips quite some time ago, decided to do chocolate chip chiffon from a recipe book bought from Taiwan.

Feedback from collegues, it nice, for me, I like it.. Thanks Sharon for your chocolate chips..:)

7 egg yolks
90 gm of oil
100 gm fresh milk
12o gm cake flour
Vanilla paste

7 egg white
90 gm sugar
A bit of cream of tartar

70 gm chocolate chips

Lightly beat egg yolkswith sone vanilla paste. Add in milk and oil and mix well. Add in sieved flour and mix till batter is smooth, leave aside.

Whisk egg whites till frothy, add in 1/3 og sugar and continue to whisk and continue to add sugar in 2 more additions,. Whisk till it's soft peak.

Scoop 1/3 of egg white into egg yolk batter and mix well. The rest of 2/3 egg white batter, fold in till 80 per cent, add in chocolate chips and continue folding.

Bake in a 21cm chiffon tin and bake at 170 deg for about 40 mins.

Missing pandan ..

I have been searching for pandan kaya cake, do not have most of the ingredients, settle for butter cake.

Search internet and decide to use Yochana's recipe and the recipe called for ovalette, I did not use and I use seperate eggs method to do the cake.

Quite like the taste.

Can be bake..

This time round, I baked my spiral yam mooncake instead of frying, it's much more healthier, and easier to handle, the taste is not so bad, but i still prefer deep fry version.

Few days ago, I did some walnut mooncakes and upon recommendation from my friend, I used blue diamond brand  walnut and It's goes very well with the pastry, crunchy and fragant. Now, I like the idea of using this, it's a bit more expensive but the walnuts inside won't be easily be rancid as those sell in packets.


The previous post,  I have brown my macarons, instead of chewy is crunchy.  I follow my oven heat instead of the instructions of Jill Colonna, she uses 160 degrees with fan forced.

This time round, I use the oven heat that she recommended and for 12 mins, yes the macarons cames out of the oven beautifully and I have declared I will always use this method instead of Italian meringue.  Italian meringue is beautiful, it will gives u a glossy surface but I found that it's is a little bit troublesome to boil the sugar and et, no doubt, I did say is fool proof, it is indeed fool proof, few of my friends has problem in doing French method, but for Italian method, they are fine.

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